A new way to
measure and pay

Metric will make your blog's authors more active and efficient with performance-based analytics that can directly affect pay.

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  1. See how content is performing

    Metric is social. It keeps record of each post's comments and views, along with how many times it was shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can filter by author, date, or tag for a deep look at your content's reach.

  2. Pay bonuses on highly shared content

    Metric is flexible. It makes payroll a highly customizable affair where you can award your authors for drawing more visitors to your site. Pay bonuses on high tweets or number of comments- the possibilities are endless.

  3. Measure the influence of your authors

    Metric never forgets. It tracks and rate your authors based on how their articles are actually performing. If you want, you can even share this data with your authors, creating a more fun and competitive atmosphere for all.

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More stats than you can shake a stick at

Metric pulls data live from Google Analytics along with social stats from SharedCount.com (which pulls data directly from 1st party social networks). The result is loads of awesome data, cached locally, illustrated in useful ways.

Team building on fast forward

Metric builds report cards for each author in view, showing their share of activity relative to other active authors. The competition has made our team of 10 authors more active and tightly-knit than ever.

Identify content that stinks

Once your authors get the swing of Metric pay, you can actually start taxing bad content (we call them duds). In our first month with Metric, we had about one dud per day. In the next month, maybe one per week. This month? Not a single dud.

Box score comparing active authors

When viewing any range of posts, all active authors being viewed will be filed into a box score, displaying average comments, social engagements, and views.

Explore all content patterns, not just authors

Along with filtering by author, Metric can target a specific tag, category, or date. And you can order the results chronologically, by comments, or by views.

Consistent reporting makes payroll a breeze

Once you've got Metric running just the way you like it, not only will you be able to pay authors faster than ever before, they can forget keeping track of their own invoices.

And still the ability to manually tip a post

Even with all this delicious automation, sometimes an editor might want to manually slide Hamilton to a diligent author. We've got you covered with the ability to manually assign bonuses when your algorithm just ain't cuttin' it.